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Bulk Order Time!

It’s time to take stock of what computer equipment in your office needs replaced. The ordering deadline for computers and peripherals will be around the middle of April, so check your office’s inventory and budget and meet with funding bodies to estimate what you can buy this year.

Please visit the specifications page and the ordering site to place your order by April 10, 2015.

Checking Dell Computer Warranties
The Dell Support page can help you determine your computer’s warranty status by either an auto-detect method or by entering the computer’s Service Tag. Note: If you use the first method, you will need to watch your screen for prompts as the detection program needs to be downloaded and then installed.

Rule of Thumb: Usually, we advise users to replace computers that are 1-2 years past their ending warranty date.

More details (items for purchase, prices, cost share possibility, etc.) will follow in the upcoming weeks. We welcome your questions and your suggestions for items to purchase. So direct those to someone in the Office of Technology or via email to ExtensionTechnology.

Free Microsoft Office and Office Mobile Available for WVU Employees

Free Microsoft Office & Office Mobile now available for WVU employees
Faculty and staff may now download free Microsoft Office and Office Mobile applications through the University’s Office 365 licensing. This effectively will allow WVU employees to install Microsoft Office on a total of five personal devices and five mobile devices. It also will give users access to the new Outlook for Mac.

For students, ProPlus replaces the free download site for Student Advantage. For employees, this provides the ability to download Office onto personally owned devices. Instructions are at: http://it.wvu.edu/services/office365/proplus

HSC employees can find instructions for downloading free Microsoft Office and Office Mobile applications at http://office365.hsc.wvu.edu. Click on Office 365 Training Resources.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Please refer to the Data Security section for the latest communication, guidelines, and instructions on how to securely manage your data.

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