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Technology Bulk Order 2017

Please evaluate your current equipment and budget to see what you need to replace or update. We’ll be providing more details about what will be available to purchase, but we do appreciate your input. If we have not offered items that you think others would use in their Extension work, please share them with the Office of Technology.

Proposed timeline:
  • Ordering will occur mid-March to mid-April.
  • Computers and peripherals will be received late-April to mid-May and then set up at Jackson’s Mill.
  • County orders will be picked up at Camping Kickoff on May 24, 2017, at Jackson’s Mill. State equipment will be delivered to Morgantown offices.

Kaspersky License Renewed for Campus and Jackson’s Mill Users

The following information is for Morgantown campus, Jackson’s Mill and Safety and Health users. Note: County users can disregard this email as Vipre Antivirus is used those offices instead of Kaspersky Antivirus.

WVU and Kaspersky just extended their contract for Kaspersky Endpoint Protection (antivirus software) that we have installed on all Morgantown campus computers. Along with this extension comes a new license that will keep the Kaspersky software functioning after August 24, 2016. This new license will be installed automatically on your computer.

That being said if you use a laptop and it is NOT currently connected to the Campus or Jackson’s Mill networks (either with a network cable or connected to WVU.Encrypted), then you need to bring that computer into your office ASAP and leave it powered on and connected to the network. Once connected, it should get the new license information from the Kaspersky servers. Please leave it connected and powered on for 24 hours.

To determine what license a computer has, you can open Kaspersky (by double clicking on the red “K” icon in the bottom right hand corner of your monitor) and click “License” at the bottom of the window. The new license is valid until 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact someone in the Extension Office of Technology.

Shared Email Accounts Updated

Extension’s shared email accounts (e.g., ExtensionTechnology@mail.wvu.edu, BarbourCountyExtension@mail.wvu.edu, etc.) have been updated to set up all users as account owners. Before that, only one person per office was an owner on the shared account.

Making everyone in the office an account owner should make it easier for each user to add the shared account to his/her listing of email accounts.

Please refer to the FAQHow do I access mail in a shared mailbox?” and the Excel file linked on that page to see if you have been added to the account and for help in accessing the email account.

The linked Excel workbook has two pages (tabs at bottom) – one for County Accounts and one for Other Accounts, so access the appropriate page to check for your name. The screen capture below shows the labels for the two pages.

Once you have clicked on the appropriate tab, scroll to your office account and check to make sure your name and Login ID are listed.

Additional instructions are included on the FAQ page.

Public Domain Image Resources

If you need images for your website, refer to the Google Sheet (Excel file) that lists sources for free or low-cost images. Once you click on the link above, you’ll be in a folder named “Photo_Sources.” From there, click on the file named “Photo and Images Sources.

Comments about the image sources are appreciated, so please email any suggestions or notes you’d like to see included in the file to make it more useful to others.

Additional resources will be added to this folder, so check back.

Free Microsoft Office and Office Mobile Available for WVU Employees

Free Microsoft Office & Office Mobile now available for WVU employees
Faculty and staff may now download free Microsoft Office and Office Mobile applications through the University’s Office 365 licensing. This effectively will allow WVU employees to install Microsoft Office on a total of five personal devices and five mobile devices. It also will give users access to the new Outlook for Mac.

For students, ProPlus replaces the free download site for Student Advantage. For employees, this provides the ability to download Office onto personally owned devices. Instructions are at: http://it.wvu.edu/services/office365/proplus

HSC employees can find instructions for downloading free Microsoft Office and Office Mobile applications at http://office365.hsc.wvu.edu. Click on Office 365 Training Resources.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Please refer to the Data Security section for the latest communication, guidelines, and instructions on how to securely manage your data.

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