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Resource Account Materials

  • Determining the GroupWise Resource Account owner (121.7 KB)

    This handout will guide you through the process of discovering the Resource Account owner.

  • Setting Up a Rule for a Resource Account Mailbox (352.9 KB)

    When you set up a rule(s) to help you manage mail coming to the Resource Account mailbox, you are able to distribute it appropriately or notify others when mail is received.

  • Sharing a Resource Account Mailbox (500.7 KB)

    This handout will help you determine what your office‚€™s Resource Account is named. It also will help you you find out the owner of your office‚€™s Resource Account.

  • Using Your Office GroupWise Resource Account (341.4 KB)

    The GroupWise Resource Account is an email and calendaring account that allows everyone in the office to access and use it for communications. Note: The owner will need to give others in the office proxy access.

GroupWise Handouts and Class Materials from OIT